Former DNI James Clapper Just Exposed A Trump Lie That Could Send Him To Prison

The Trump lies are falling fast as former DNI James Clapper debunked Trump’s story of dinner with James Comey. According to Clapper, it was Trump who asked Comey to dinner, and Comey was reluctant to go, and this is important because it suggests that Trump’s true motive for the dinner was obstruction of justice.


Clapper told NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, “It was the 27th of January and the FBI, Jim, hosted a wonderful farewell ceremony for me, which I’ll never forget, and Jim and I spoke briefly before the ceremony and he mentioned that he’d been invited to the White House to have dinner with the president, and he was uneasy with that because of even compromising the even optics the appearance of independence, not only of him but of the FBI.” Clapper pointed out that Comey was in a difficult position because it was hard for him to say no when his boss invited him for dinner.

The version of the story that Clapper told does not match up with what Trump told NBC’s Lester Holt:

TRUMP: I had a dinner with him. He wanted to have dinner because he wanted to stay on. We had a very nice dinner at the White House…

HOLT: He — he asked…


TRUMP: …very early on. That dinner was arranged. I think he asked for the dinner.

And he wanted to stay on as the FBI head. And I said I’ll, you know, consider. We’ll see what happens.

This lie matter because it goes to the heart of Trump’s intention in meeting with Comey. If it was Trump who arranged the dinner and wanted to speak to Comey, then it begins to look like the President was attempting to interfere with the Russia investigation. Interference with the FBI’s investigation is a felony. A conviction based on a charge of obstruction of justice can land a person in prison.

Trump isn’t lying to make himself look good. He is lying to cover up a motive, and that motive appears to have been an effort to derail the FBI’s investigation into the Trump’s campaign’s potential collusion with Russia during the 2016 election.