Trump Commits The Crime Of Witness Intimidation By Publicly Threatening James Comey

President Donald Trump tried to intimidate a witness Friday morning, tweeting, “James Comey better hope that there are no “tapes” of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!”

This can be added to the list of things Trump is doing publicly that can be used as allegations in articles of impeachment against him.

The co-founder of CREW and Obama White House Ethics “czar” Norm Eisen made the case:

This is yet more evidence of why it matters that a president knows his own country’s history. Tapes didn’t go so well for Nixon.

Also, it’s not smart to threaten the FBI boss after already enraging the FBI by interfering with an investigation they are conducting into enemies of the U.S., who might just reside in the White House — and then firing their boss to try to kill the investigation. Diplomacy is not Trump’s thing, but self-preservation is so this is troubling.

These are the moments I wonder what’s wrong with Donald Trump. Why isn’t he at least clever enough to know when to shut up. Why isn’t anyone advising him? Why can’t anyone control him? And if the answers to those questions aren’t enough to impeach him, we are in deep trouble.

Nixon’s corruption is mirrored by Trump, but the implications are even worse in Trump’s case due to the possible collusion with a hostile foreign power.

Donald Trump made a big mistake when he fired Comey. He crossed a line that screamed “Nixon”, and this is an alarm bell that even some Republicans might not be able to ignore.

Trump topped that scandal off by publicly intimidating a witness Friday morning.