Comey Firing Spectacularly Backfires As The FBI Is Now More Resolved To Investigate Trump

Trump’s comments about and handling of James Comey’s firing has left the former director simmering as the FBI itself has resolved to get to the bottom of the Russia scandal.

ABC News reported, “Former FBI Director James Comey was furious at the lack of respect the White House showed him in the way he was fired, sources have told ABC News. Associates say he is simmering at some of the comments directed at him by White House staffers, who have used words like “atrocities” to describe his actions as director…. Sources say that inside the FBI, many agents feel Comey has been treated shabbily. While there are those who disagreed with some of his tactics, he was nonetheless broadly popular in the bureau and respected. While the sources added that this has been a tumultuous week, with many employees of the bureau thrown off balance, there is also a degree of resolve settling in.”

All Trump’s firing of Comey managed to do was make the FBI more determined to investigate this White House. One gets the sense that it wasn’t just the firing of the popular FBI Director, but also how the firing was handled and the Trump White House’s personal smear campaign against Comey.

Trump may have thought that he was shutting down the Russia investigation by firing Comey, or maybe he wanted to show the FBI who was the boss.

The exact opposite has happened. The scrutiny on the Russia scandal has gone up by one hundred fold, and the FBI is more determined than ever to overcome the administration’s interference and get to the bottom of the Russia scandal. Trump has now given some inside the FBI a cause as they will want to clear the bureau and their former director’s names.

It is difficult to see how this move could have gone worse for Trump. Instead of killing the Russia investigation, Trump has thrown gasoline on the fire and given the FBI, even more, motivation for their Russia investigation.