Trump Refuses To Talk About If He Is Illegally Taping Conversations In The White House

Trump will talk about anything, but he is suddenly refusing to discuss whether he is illegally taping conversations in the White House.


During an interview that will air on Fox News on Saturday, Trump said of the Comey tapes, “Well, that I can’t talk about. I won’t talk about that. All I want is for Comey to be honest and I hope he will be, and I’m sure he will be, I hope.”

If he wasn’t taping conversations in the White House, it would be easy for Trump to say so. By not wanting to talk about tapes of conversations, Trump is making it very clear that he is taping conversations, but he doesn’t want to confirm their existence because will want those tapes for the Russia investigation.

The other possibilities involve there being no tapes, because Donald Trump is making it all up, or the third possibility is that someday Trump will release self-incriminating tapes and proclaim that they prove his innocence.

In the past, Trump has embraced and loved to discuss his absolutely fantastic lies. On a good day, one can still get him to go off on a deranged tangent about the size of his inauguration crowd, or the millions of illegal voters that voted for Hillary Clinton. This is the same man who once claimed that he sent investigators to find Obama’s “real” birth certificate.

Trump lives in a fantasy, which is why his silence on the tapes suggests that they might actually exist.

For once, Trump isn’t talking which is why investigators better get their subpoenas ready, because the Trump tapes could be real.