Republicans Are Begging Democrats For A Deal As Trumpcare Is Failing In The Senate

Senate Republicans are warning that the odds are high that Trumpcare is going to fail in the Senate, which is going to leave Republicans begging to do a deal with Democrats on health care.

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Politico reported:
Though Republicans guarantee there will be a partisan repeal vote at some point this year, some senators and aides believe the chances of failure are greater than success. Crafting a Plan B, they say, is wise.

“The stakes are high, and the possibility for failure is high,” one Republican senator said of the partisan repeal effort. The senator said it would not be surprising if Republicans are ultimately forced to seek a deal with Democrats.

If Republicans can’t pass Trumpcare on their own, and with the House bill dead in the Senate, and the Senate bill looking too much like Obamacare for the House to pass, the odds are very good that the Republican health care effort will collapse under its own divisions and fail.

After Trumpcare fails, Senate Republicans are going to be looking to make a deal with Democrats to get a health care bill passed.

Democrats are in no mood to do a deal until after the 2018 midterm elections. Republicans started this effort replace Obamacare on their own, and Democrats aren’t going to ride to the rescue and bail them out after their legislation fails.

Republicans were determined to kill Obamacare, and now they are going to sink under the weight of their own failure.

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