Brave Member Of Congress Says Trump Is In Desperate Need Of Mental Help After Russia Leak

Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) is speaking out and saying that Donald Trump is in desperate need of psychological help after the President leaked classified intelligence to the Russians.

Rep. Wilson told CBS Miami:

This is a brave position considering that the position John McCain took was that it is legal for the president to declassify intelligence.

The idea that the president didn’t break any laws has been quickly rallied around by some Republicans, but the excuse is idiotic because it ignores the basic issue that President Of The United States damaged US intelligence gathering and national security by sharing information with a hostile foreign power that the intelligence was never meant to be shared with.

Rep. Wilson is right. The President does need psychological help. There is something seriously wrong with the man in the Oval Office. While Republicans are sacrificing the good of the country for partisan advantage, America is less safe and less secure with Donald Trump in the White House.

More members of Congress need to be like Rep. Wilson and start to speak the truth about America’s Donald Trump problem.