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Fox News Is Having A Nervous Breakdown And Pretending Like Trump’s Presidency Isn’t Dying

The coverage of Trump’s endless stream of presidency destroying news over the last 24 hours has varied between sad spin, flat out denial, and pretending like the Trump presidency doesn’t exist.

Let’s check in on Fox News:

Typical grumbling about late night TV:

Tucker Carlson fiddling while Republican Rome is burning around them at 8 PM:

Oh look, The Clinton Foundation:

Just show how completely off the deep end things are at Fox, they compared Trump to Mother Theresa:

All of this coverage has taken place within the last couple of hours.

Fox News is seriously losing its collective mind and is in complete denial about the crashing and burning Trump presidency. Fox is down in the ratings, and getting regularly beaten by MSNBC to make matters even worse, they can’t even talk about their president because he is so riddled with scandal that they have to keep their viewers in the dark or else they may start to catch on that things aren’t going so well.

Trump is just bringing down the Republican Party. He is putting a stake through the heart of Fox News.

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