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For The First Time Ever, More Voters Support Impeaching Trump Than Oppose It

More voters are now in favor of impeaching Donald Trump (48%) than are opposed to impeaching the president (41%) in the latest PPP Poll.

According to PPP, “For the first time we find more voters (48%) in support of impeaching Trump than there are (41%) opposed to the idea. Only 43% of voters think Trump is actually going to end up serving his full term as President, while 45% think he won’t, and 12% aren’t sure one way or the other.”

There is even more bad news in the poll for Republicans. Americans are experiencing serious buyer’s remorse when it comes to Trump. By a margin of 49%-41%, respondents said that they wish Hillary Clinton were president. Trump’s net approval rating remains an upside down dumpster fire of (-14) Forty percent approve of the president’s job performance, and 54% disapprove.

Trump is becoming a major liability to the Republicans in Congress who are protecting him. If the American people want impeachment, and Republicans refuse to impeach him, voters will elect a new Congress that will be open to appointing a special prosecutor and if the evidence warrants it, impeaching this president.

Republicans have been trying to wall themselves off from Trump’s toxicity by pretending like the problem doesn’t exist, but with the realization growing that Trump must be removed from the White House if Republicans won’t get rid of Trump, voters are going to get rid of the Republican majority in Congress.

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