Reality Smacks Republicans In The Head As They Begin To Worry About Trump

Hours after the report on Comey’s memo in the New York Times that President Trump tried to interfere in the FBI ‘s investigation into the President and his possible collusion with Russia, Republicans are privately beginning to worry, according to Politico.

“Republicans are privately beginning to worry that they may one day have to sit in judgment of Trump, or that more damaging information from Comey could force the president to step down,” John Bresnahan and Rachael Bade reported.

“Even conservatives from districts that Trump won overwhelmingly in November want to find out what occurred between the president and Comey, no matter how damaging it may be to Trump.”

Congressional Republicans are slow to catch on. We are getting alarming reports from within the White House.

“I feel like running down the hallway with a fire extinguisher,” one senior Trump administration official told The Daily Beast.

And the money quote from The Daily Beast:

A senior official in the Trump administration, who previously worked on the president’s campaign, offered a candid and brief assessment of the fallout from that string of bad press: “I don’t see how Trump isn’t completely f*cked.”

Somehow a senior official in the administration who supported Trump in his campaign can see what Congressional Republicans cannot.

Tired of winning yet? Trump aides are just tired. And who can blame them. They thought they were riding high into the White House and instead it’s been chaos, infighting, bad press, self-inflicted wounds, and worse.

Congressional Republicans aren’t exactly smelling like roses. Their refusal to face facts is actually indicative of other issues the Republican Party faces, like their denial of science.

How far gone are these folks? And when and if they do the necessary thing, will they be doing it for their country or because Trump has become so toxic the party needs to distance itself?

The Republican Party stood by Donald Trump after he was caught on tape bragging about sexual assault during the campaign. They wanted that win so bad, as do both parties. It’s hard to give up on what looks like a win. But it was clear from Donald Trump’s first days on the trail, indeed long before that due to his birtherism, that he was not fit for the job of president. That he would humiliate the U.S.A. That he was ignorant and incurious and easily swayed by flattery. That he had no code of behavior to which he holds himself. That he had no morals.

When you get into bed with an empty, know-nothing bully, things tend not to turn out well for you. It’s anyone’s guess how sick the public is of Republicans catering to the lowest common denominator. 2018 will be a good indication.

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