Sec. Of State Rex Tillerson Laughs and Walks Away When Asked If Russia Bugged The Oval Office

When NBC News’s Andrea Mitchell asked Trump Sec. of State Rex Tillerson if Russia bugged the office, he laughed, and said, “I would have no way to know that,” before walking away.


russia tillerson oval bug

Here is a way to know if Russia bugged the Oval Office. Have the Secret Service, and the intelligence apparatus of the United States government look for bugs. Another clue that Russia was recording the meeting, and might be recording everything else is the fact that Putin offered to release a transcript of the meeting that your administration claims doesn’t exist.

The whole gosh, I wouldn’t know if Russia bugged the Oval Office act is insulting because it is assumed that the American people are stupid as the President Of The United States. Laughing and walking away when asked if Russia bugged the Oval is not reassuring behavior from the Secretary of State.

Based on Tillerson’s answer, every American should assume that Russia is listening in to everything that is said in the White House.

Every time one thinks that the Russia scandal can’t possibly get worse for the country, it does.