Trump Blindsided As He Had No Idea That A Special Counsel Was Being Appointed To Investigate Him

The Trump White House was given no advance notice of the special counsel appointment, and it is being reported that Trump was completely blindsided by the announcement.

Jonathan Karl of ABC News tweeted:

The White House didn’t have enough warning to try to poison well against the special counsel. There was no tweetstorm or Sean Spicer at the podium denouncing the independent investigation. This is a good sign for the country.

The Trump White House can barely function and respond to events that they know about and cause. They have no hope of mounting a smear campaign against the investigation without advanced knowledge. If the White House didn’t know about the special counsel, then the odds are that they weren’t in on it.

The Deputy Attorney General is treating the Trump White House like they are the subjects of a criminal investigation, which they are.

The days of a rigged process led by Trump campaign officials is over.

Trump is well on his way from going from president to perp.