Trump Promised To Appoint A Special Prosecutor, He Never Knew It Would Be For Himself

The big news on Wednesday that the Justice Department has appointed a special prosecutor to oversee the investigation into Donald Trump’s ties to Russia is the latest shoe in a closetful that has dropped just in the past few days.

To the president’s credit, it’s also a promise he made during the campaign, when he tweeted that he, indeed, would instruct his Attorney General to appoint a special prosecutor.

Little did he know, the special prosecutor appointed will be investigating Trump himself, not the 2016 popular vote winner.


This isn’t the first time a Clinton-directed attack line has come true during his short presidency.

Trump also commented throughout the campaign that Americans should vote for him because Clinton couldn’t be trusted to handle classified information. Nearly four months into office, Trump divulged such information to Russia, a foreign adversary, in a secret Oval Office meeting.

All of the nightmarish things Donald Trump promised would happen if Hillary Clinton was elected do, indeed, appear to be coming true – except it’s Trump in the White House, not the former Democratic nominee.

Perhaps not all of Trump’s campaign promises were empty after all.