Trump’s Response To Special Prosecutor Appointment Is Proof That He Knows He’s Doomed

With the news that the Justice Department has named former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel to oversee the investigation into Donald Trump’s ties to Russia, the weight of this explosive scandal continues to push the president closer to impeachment.

In Trump’s response to the latest development, it’s becoming clear that even he knows he is doomed if this investigation isn’t somehow stopped.

Trump’s full statement:

First, Trump said a “thorough” investigation would clear him, before expressing his hopes that the probe will conclude “quickly.”

Leave it to this president to contradict himself in a three-sentence statement.

Trump’s actions, whether it was demanding loyalty from FBI Director James Comey or firing him altogether, prove that he doesn’t just want a quick investigation, as his statement noted – he doesn’t want one at all.

That’s because he knows the longer this investigation goes on – and the more independent and thorough it is – the more likely it is not just that he’ll be a one-term president, but that he will be forced from office before his first term even concludes.