Bernie Sanders Urges America To Keep Fighting Trump’s Dangerous Policies, Despite Russia Chaos


Even though the collective attention of the American people is appropriately focused on the massive Russia cover-up that appears to be underway in the White House, Bernie Sanders is urging the country to multitask.

Not only does the Vermont senator want the president to be held accountable for his corruption, but he also wants to get back to fighting for a progressive agenda that will help the middle class.



Sanders said:

Simultaneously, it’s important that the American people have faith that the process of this investigation is done fairly, objectively and goes where it goes. But our job right now … is we have got to rally the American people around what is clearly an extremely reactionary, right-wing agenda which is being pushed by the billionaire class. And the essence of that agenda are many hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks going to the top two percent, massive cuts in education, in health care, in environmental protection, in the needs of our senior citizens. … So two issues: objective investigation, stand up and protect American workers and the middle class. 

The American people and the media are right to demand a thorough investigation into Trump’s dealings with Russia – and his recent efforts to cover up that investigation – but, as Sanders said, it’s important that lawmakers remember why they were sent to Washington in the first place.

There are millions of people who still don’t have jobs, or wages that can support a family, or a chance to attend college. Millions more are worried that Republicans in Congress will either take away their health insurance or strip critical benefits that allow them to get life-saving treatment.

That goes without mentioning that years of progress on climate change and environmental protections are under assault by this president and his Republican allies in Congress.

A thorough and independent investigation into Trump is a top priority, but Democrats should not lose sight of issues that affect working Americans every day.