The Death Of Roger Ailes Perfectly Symbolizes The Dying State Of Fox News And The GOP

The fact that Roger Ailes died at this moment in American history was symbolic of a current time when both the network that was his brain child (Fox News) and the political party that he worked for and supported (Republican) are wilting and dying before our eyes.

Video of the Fox News report of Ailes’s death:

Needless to say, outside of his friends, family, and the conservative movement, Roger Ailes won’t be mourned by many.

Ailes was a serial sexual predator who created a sexually predatory culture at Fox that is the cause of why the network is struggling today.

Roger Ailes lived to see the top rated sexual predator host that he protected for decades (Bill O’Reilly) fired. He lived to see a Republican president return to the White House, but that president has the party so deeply entrenched in the Russia scandal that it has provoked an unprecedented constitutional crisis.

Young people aren’t watching Fox News, and they are fleeing the Republican Party in record numbers. Roger Ailes’s carefully crafted media facade of flag-waving family values conservatism is being ripped out by the roots by Trump.

Most people won’t speak well of Roger Ailes today. The most generous will be careful with their words, while others will speak the truth about a media innovator who was also a vile man.

The death of Roger Ailes is the perfect moment of symbolism for the crisis at both Fox News and the Republican Party. Both are aging, reeling from scandal, and facing their own potential demise.