Devin Nunes Is Still Reviewing Russia Intel After Recusing Himself From Investigation

Even though GOP Rep. Devin Nunes was forced to recuse himself from his own Russia investigation because he was working with Donald Trump to sabotage it, a new report on Thursday indicates that he’s still prying into intelligence related to the probe.

According to CNN, Nunes “is continuing to review intelligence relating to Russia, a move that has Democrats grumbling that he has violated the spirit of his recusal.”

More from CNN:

Nunes, a California Republican, took a trip to the CIA this week to review Russia intelligence, according to House intelligence committee sources. As word of Nunes trip trickled out among lawmakers this week, it angered Democrats who thought that they had moved past the chaos spurred by Nunes’ coordination with the White House.

Democrats are right to be riled up by the Republican leader’s decision to reinsert himsef into an investigation he should have no part of, especially given the fact that Nunes essentially worked with Trump to obstruct justice and is under his own investigation as a result.

When Nunes was asked about his continued access to such information, he said, “I don’t talk about intelligence.”

His response is particularly ironic given that Nunes is currently under investigation for talking about classified intelligence when he wasn’t authorized to do so.

This marks the second time that a person in the Trump circle has claimed to remove themselves from all matters related to Russia, just to stick their hands right back in it.

Months ago, Attorney General Jeff Sessions vowed to recuse himself from all aspects of the investigation into Russia’s meddling and possible collusion with Trump during last year’s election, only to advise Trump to fire James Comey last week.

It’s clear that recusal means nothing to those close to Trump, especially since they know the facts are increasingly pushing this presidency toward complete collapse and they cant help but try to stop it.