Republican Strategist Tells White House Staffers To Dump Trump And Save Themselves

Republican political strategist Rick Wilson, who knows a thing or two about D.C., has some rather terrifying advice for White House staffers. It’s time to save yourselves.

“On every front, you’re faced with legal, political and moral hazards,” Wilson writes in the Washington Post. “You learned quickly that your job isn’t actually to serve the nation, manage your agency or fulfill the role you ostensibly play according to the White House org chart. In reality, you spend most of your time fluffing Trump’s ego.”

How are things going under Trump? Wilson writes it feels like the airfield and radio station have fallen to the rebels, “Whatever it is that you’re feeling, it doesn’t feel anything like Morning in America. It feels like some faraway kleptocracy where the center hasn’t held, the airfield and radio station have fallen to the rebels, and the Maximum Leader is holed up in his secret bunker waiting for the other shoe to drop.”

Wilson says they have to make a choice, now. Are they going to help Trump dismantle the republic>? ” You’ll have to decide if I’m here to help has morphed into I’m helping this president dismantle the republic.”

Instead of burying their heads under “fake news” blankets, Wilson urges them to save their reputation by cutting ties with Trump now.

“Cutting ties with a man who is destructive to our values, profoundly divisive, contemptuous of the rule of law and incontrovertibly unfit to serve in the highest office in the land just might. Do it now.”

Wilson is a Republican to the core. To say these things, to realize that your Party’s man is going to destroy the republic if he’s not stopped and to watch your own party enable such destruction, has to be heart-breaking.

It takes a lot to break with one’s party in the way that Wilson, Navarro, and others have done. Sure, they’re not in office. But it’s still painful. For people who love this country and fiercely believe in their party’s ideology to see their party in all branches of government set on wrecking our democracy and destroying our country has to be horrific.

Wilson is right, of course. People should run. History won’t judge those who don’t take a stand well. But this was obvious from the beginning, because of who Trump has always been.

What’s terrifying about Wilson’s advice, and why it should be read by everyone, is that he unearths the fact that no one is covering major agencies under Trump. Things aren’t happening. People don’t want those jobs. A government that doesn’t work is not only the government Putin wanted for the U.S.A., but is also imminently dangerous. We are one disaster away from discovering just how dysfunctional the Trump White House really is.

It’s dangerous when people worship a person over an idea. This can happen to either side. Donald Trump was never fit to run for office, let alone occupy the office. This was obvious from the beginning, and yet no one in the Republican Party stopped him.