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Paul Ryan Stabs Trump In The Back By Not Answering If GOP Would Be Better Off With Pence

Speaker Ryan was asked about some of his own House Republicans saying that they would be better off with Pence as president, and instead of defending Trump, Ryan said that he would give credence to the question.


Ryan was asked, “Considering the maelstrom that you’ve dealt with with Trump and Russia, there have been members who have said we might be better with Vice President Pence.”

Speaker Ryan’s answer was not a defense of Trump. Ryan said, “Oh, good grief. I’m not even going to give credence to that. I’m not even going to comment on that.”

The questioner continued, “But your members are saying.”

Ryan replied, “There’s not any point of making any comment on that.”

Speaker Ryan’s non-answer was telling. Ryan could have defended Trump. He could have said that House Republicans have confidence in their president.

Instead, the Speaker of the House chose to say no comment to the idea that the Republican Party would be better served if the Republican president was replaced by his vice president.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that there unlimited protection within the Republican House caucus for Trump. If the President is no longer useful in getting Ryan’s legislative agenda passed, there is little doubt that the Speaker of the House would toss Trump aside in a second.

The Republicans didn’t turn a blind eye towards the Russia scandal for Trump. Ryan is protecting his own power by keeping Trump around.

When Trump becomes a big enough liability, don’t be surprised if Paul Ryan kicks him to the curb.

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