Bill Maher Delivers The Message That Every American Needs To Hear To Defeat Trump

During his New Rules segment, Bill Maher had a message for every American. If we are going to defeat Donald Trump, we have to be our own superheroes and do it ourselves.

Maher took on the glut of superhero movies and TV shows and came up with a superhero persona for Trump called Orange Sphincter.


Beneath the humor, Bill Maher had a serious message, “Like all superheroes, doesn’t feel the need to play by the rules on tax returns, fraternizing with the enemy, grabbing p***y, respecting facts, conflicts of interest. These are all the concerns of small men. As he put it during an address to the people of Earth, ‘I alone can fix it.’ So how does this superhero story end? What is the fate of Orange Sphincter? Well, this one is a little bit trickier, because in this one, the superhero is the villain, and that should make us all remember that in this fight for America, we need to be our own superheroes.”

No one is going to come riding in to save the day and rid America of Trump. If We The People want to remove Donald Trump from office, we will have to so by standing up and marching ourselves to polls to vote for Democratic candidates who pledge to support and independent investigation, and if the evidence merits it, impeachment of this president.

No one can save us but ourselves, and the process of saving our country continues next week with a special House election in Montana.