Bill Maher Goes Off On Un-American Trump Supporter After He Denies Russian Hacking

While interviewing former Trump special assistant Boris Epshteyn, Bill Maher unloaded on the Trump surrogate and exposed the un-American behavior of Trump supporters.


Maher said, “Shouldn’t there be a price for meddling? You know, Jimmy Carter was known as the great p***y, but when the Russians took over Afghanistan in 1980, he actually boycotted the Olympics He stopped selling them grain. He took a lot of political heat for that. That actually took balls to not go to the Olympics. They’re very popular. What’s the price that the Russians have paid for meddling in our election? None. He has them into the White House. He says it was a fantastic meeting. Whose side are you on?”

Bill Maher asked the correct question. Anyone who continues to support Trump and deny the Russian hacking is not a patriot. Trump and/or his campaign clearly betrayed the country. They have handed patriotism to the Democrats, and every Democratic candidate should be asking voters the same question that Maher asked.

Whose side are you on?