Democratic Senator Ed Markey Calls Latest Trump/Russia Bombshells A Seismic Revelation

In case you have a life and can’t keep up with the Trump Russia news by the minute, we’ve had several bombshells in the last few days that are a BFD.

Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) on reacted to the latest Trump bombshells by saying on MSNBC, “These are two seismic revelations. This is an inflection point.”

Ed Markey said, “These are two seismic revelations. This is an inflection point.”
It makes it very clear that what Donald Trump was trying to do was end the Russia investigation. It had nothing to do with Hillary Clinton’s emails.”

“And the fact that law enforcement officials are now reaching into the White House as part of its investigation means that now the question of what did the president know and when did he know it, about the Russian relationship with his campaign with his transition team and with his administration are now going to be the key questions that must be answered by the president himself and all of the officials that were a part of his campaign and transition team.”

“So the American people can know whether or not we actually had an attempt by the Russians to compromise our elections and whether or not we are now in and beginning a constitutional crisis in the United States of America.”

We actually already know that the Russians compromised our elections, this was established by all 17 intelligence agencies but the question that remains is did the Trump campaign coordinate or collude with Russia while they were attacking the U.S. in what many national security experts call a new kind of warfare, cyber attacks: Fake news. Social media bots. Driving narratives by targeting people who are vulnerable and receptive to the fake news.

The criminal investigation into Trump Russia reaching the West Wing is huge news. Someone close to the president, a senior Trump adviser in the West Wing of the White House, is under investigation for possible coordination with Russia.

Yes, this is indeed reaching the level of a Constitutional crisis (am I ever glad Democrats didn’t go with that regarding the Garland seat, because it is here now in real time and would have been useless if they had).

We are in a state of Constitutional crisis not only because Trump is flouting the law at every turn and the White House is packed with people whose alliance and loyalty can be bought/has been bought by other countries, sometimes hostile countries but either way is a crisis, but also most excruciatingly because Republicans refuse to act, refuse even to acknowledge the crisis.

Republicans are still offering grotesquely cheap talking points on TV – a fact that shouldn’t be overlooked by the media as we all check ourselves about what we could have done better. We are here, in part, because Republicans know they can get away with ignoring an attack on the U.S., and the reason they are so sure of this is because the media has allowed them to peddle absolute baloney for years.

We have had seismic events in the last few days. The Russia investigation is turning. But don’t expect this to happen overnight. Pace yourselves and keep your eye on the ball of truth, facts and justice. It might take a tidal wave of patriots showing up in 2018 to remedy this situation.

Image: MSBNC, screengrab