Russian Officials Mock And Laugh At Trump On Video For Giving Them Classified Secrets

In a video that should turn the stomachs of everyone who cares about democracy, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov can be seen laughing and joking about Donald Trump giving him classified secrets.

This video was tweeted by the official account for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:


Thorbjorn Jagland (Secretary General of the Council of Europe): These pictures won’t cause any problems for you?

Sergey Lavrov: Depends on what kind of secrets you pass on to me.

Trump has already weakened the United States to the point where our Russian enemies are mocking the president that they helped to elect for being a tool who handed over classified secrets to them.

The world is laughing at Donald Trump and the United States of America.

The Russians can barely contain their joy over what Trump is doing to the world’s only superpower. The US is no longer respected under Trump. Our nation is being laughed at, and it will only be by removing the current administration will America truly be great again.