Adam Schiff Confirms That Trump Is Under Congressional Investigation For Collusion With Russia

During an interview on CNN’s State Of The Union, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) wouldn’t say if the House Intelligence Committee investigation reaches into the White House, but he did say that President Trump and his campaign are being investigated for collusion with Russia.


Schiff said, “All I can say on that subject, Jake is that I think our obligation on a very bipartisan basis is to follow the evidence where ever it leads, not to exclude anyone. Not to preemptively rule people in or out, but none the less do a diligent job. We’re in the process of bringing witnesses into the committee, obtaining documents. We have an open hearing with former CIA Director Brennan Tuesday, and we want to continue doing this in the open as well as in closed session, and that’s our obligation. At this point, I can’t tell that X, Y, or Z is the focus of our investigation. Certainly, we’re looking at the issue of collusion, and that’s a key issue for us. We also want to make sure that we oversee the work of the Justice Department to make sure there’s no impeding the investigation there.”

The interesting nugget in Rep. Schiff’s answer is that the House Russia investigation is looking into whether or not Trump and his campaign colluded with Russia. The election interference by Russia is agreed upon by all but the most devoted of Trump supporters. The key issue that could derail the Republican agenda and destroy the Trump presidency is whether or not the President and his campaign colluded with the Russian government to win the election.

Given Shiff’s answer, it is easy to understand why the White House has been actively meddling in the Russia investigations.