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Fox News Humiliates Itself By Proclaiming Trump’s Saudi Arabia Trip Better Than Obama

The reason why Fox News’s ratings are declining can be seen in a “report” from Bret Baier on Fox News Sunday that was loaded with pro-Trump propaganda that called the current president’s trip to Saudi Arabia better than former President Obama’s.


Transcript via Fox News Sunday:

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Let me say that you have a unique personality that is capable of doing the impossible.

TRUMP: I agree.


BAIER: Talk of new relationships.

TRUMP: There won’t be strain with this administration.

BAIER: And new arms deals.

TRUMP: Nobody makes it like the United States.

BAIER: The Saudis pledged to buy $350 billion of U.S. military equipment and weapons over ten years and more than $160 billion of Saudi investment in U.S. companies this year. President Trump’s first foreign stop has been filled with foreign pageantry, a stark contrast to the Saudi trips by President Obama, who was never greeted at the airport by the king and had a chilly relationship, largely over his administration’s dealings with Iran.

This trip, the Saudis are already dancing in step.

The reason why Fox News is losing to MSNBC in the ratings is because they continue to push happy stories about a president that much of the country can’t wait to impeach. Fox is caught in the same trap that has captured the Republican Party. Trump is popular with their viewers, but his popularity is small and with a relatively narrow segment of the population. Fox News can’t afford to turn on Trump, but his unpopularity is dragging the network down.

Fox News has always pushed an alternative reality to their viewers, but since the President watches Fox, the network now has to do their part to massage Trump’s ego, and “report” utter nonsense like Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia is more successful than Obama’s because of who met Trump at the airport.

Segments like this are why Donald Trump is the anchor that is helping to sink Fox News.

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