Trump Is Exhausted After 2 Days Overseas, Which Means He Can’t Do The Job Of President

During a briefing with reporters, a senior White House official admitted that Trump is already exhausted after two days of being out of the country on his first international trip. If Trump can’t handle the travel that the job requires, he can’t be president.

Jim Acosta of CNN tweeted:

Here are some fun facts about Hillary Clinton’s travel as Secretary of State:

• Total miles traveled: 956,733

• Which equates to this many times traveled around the circumference of the world: 38.42

• Total travel time, in hours: 2,084.21

• Total travel time, in days: 86.8

• Days of travel, in all: 401

• Which works out to: 1.099 years

During the 2016 campaign, Trump said that Hillary Clinton lacked the stamina to be president. It turns out that the real low energy candidate was Donald Trump. The reason why Trump doesn’t like to travel is that he can’t handle it. Trump has so little energy that he spends nearly every weekend of his presidency on vacation.

FDR was in a wheelchair, and he made three trips to Egypt between 1943 and 1945. Our only president with a disability handled travel better than Donald Trump.

If Trump can’t handle the travel, then he can’t do the job. If the President is so physically unfit that he can’t survive two days of presidential duties without getting exhausted, then he doesn’t belong in the White House.

Traveling overseas is part of the job. If Trump so low energy that he is getting exhausted less than one-third of the way into his first overseas trip, then he must seriously consider whether he can continue as president.