Russia Bombshell: Trump Tried To Get Intel Officials To Push Back Against Collusion Investigation

Donald Trump is looking like a president who is guilty of something after it is being reported that he tried to get the Director of National Intelligence and the head of the National Security Agency to push back against the FBI’s investigation into his campaign’s potential collusion with Russia.

The Washington Post reported, “Trump made separate appeals to the director of national intelligence, Daniel Coats, and to Adm. Michael S. Rogers, the director of the National Security Agency, urging them to publicly deny the existence of any evidence of collusion during the 2016 election. Coats and Rogers refused to comply with the requests, which they both deemed to be inappropriate, according to two current and two former officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss private communications with the president.”

The Rogers conversation was documented with a memo, which will be made available to the special counsel handling the Russia investigation.

There are now reports of three separate incidents where Trump tried to personally interfere with the Russia investigation. Two if these incidents are documented with detailed memos. The pattern of behavior indicates that the President himself is personally trying to squash the Russia investigation.

This may not rise to the level of proof needed for an obstruction of justice conviction, but it does provide ample evidence that Donald Trump was involved with what his campaign did during the 2016 election. Trump has tried to distance himself by saying that he personally didn’t collude with Russia, but he knows what the investigation is about, and he wants it gone.

Trump keeps interfering in the Russia investigation, which is why the country needs a completely independent third party investigation of the Russia scandal right now.