Liberals Cause Sean Hannity To Cave And Back Off Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory


Liberal pressure wins again as Fox News host Sean Hannity announced on his show that he would back off talking about the Seth Rich conspiracy theory.

Video clip:

Hannity claimed that he was doing this out of respect for the Rich family:


The reality is that Fox News pulled a story off of their website that was based on the Rich conspiracy, and Hannity was feeling pressure from liberal groups and freaking out about losing his job. Hannity was pushing the conspiracy that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich was the real hacker of the DNC emails, not the Russian government. Hannity was throwing his weight behind the conspiracy to protect his pal, Donald Trump.

At the end of the day, Hannity realized that if he loses his job at Fox News, he will fall off the face of the Earth and be irrelevant. When faced with protecting Trump or saving his own skin, Sean Hannity picked his cushy Fox News gig over the scandal-riddled president.