Sean Hannity Is Losing It As He Calls Fox News Part Of The Liberal Media

After Fox News had retracted their Seth Rich conspiracy theory story, Sean Hannity went on a rant on his radio that culminated with Hannity appearing to accuse Fox News of being part of the liberal media.

Audio of Hannity:

Hannity lumping Fox News in with the liberal media:


All of this happened before Hannity went on Twitter and claimed that “liberal fascists” are trying to get him fired.

Sean Hannity is coming unglued, and it looks like he is trying to get himself booted off of Fox News. There has been a persistent rumor that Sinclair Broadcasting has an intense interest in recruiting both Hannity and Bill O’Reilly to launch a rival to Fox News. Hannity has been upset with Fox News since they fired his friend and former producer Bill Shine from his job as co-president of the network.

It is worth watching the Hannity situation because the host has an out clause in his contract that allows him to leave the network by providing 60 days notice.

Hannity could be on his way out at Fox as the Seth Rich conspiracy could be the tipping point that paves the way for his exit.