What The Senate Intelligence Committee Just Did To Mike Flynn Should Terrify Donald Trump

After Mike Flynn took the Fifth and refused to testify or turn over documents, the Senate Intelligence Committee subpoenaed two of Flynn’s businesses, because a corporation has no Fifth Amendment rights. This a point that should scare the living daylights out of Donald Trump.

Here is ranking Senate Intelligence Committee member Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) explaining why the Committee subpoenaed Flynn’s businesses:

Warner said, “While we disagree with Gen. Flynn’s lawyers interpretation of taking the Fifth, it is even more clear that a business does not have a right to take a Fifth if it is a corporation, so those subpoenas, one is being served. One is in the process of being served, and we keep all options on the table, but we think the committee has moved forward aggressively.”

The message to Trump is clear. You personally can try to hide information, but your corporations can’t, and investigators are going to use every method at their disposal to get access to the information that they need. Remember this moment, because Trump’s businesses and his campaign were intertwined like observers had never seen before. Trump didn’t have a wall between his businesses and his campaign, and that decision could come back to haunt him as the Russia investigation moves forward.