Adam Schiff Warns Trump Partner In Crime Mike Flynn Could Be Found In Contempt Of Congress

President Trump has meddled in the Russia investigation and tried to get the investigation dropped against Mike Flynn, but House Intel Committee Ranking Member Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is warning that Flynn may be found in contempt of Congress if he ignores House subpoenas.

Video of Schiff on MSNBC:

Schiff said that the House investigation is nowhere near entertaining the idea of immunity for Flynn.

Rep. Schiff was asked about contempt of Congress charges if Flynn refuses to comply with the subpoenas, and he answered, “You know, that’s a possibility. I would hope that we could get cooperation, and we may ultimately have to have discussions with his counsel about what is covered by the Fifth Amendment and what is not, and if there is too broad of a disagreement about the legitimacy of any claim of Fifth Amendment protection, then we’ll have to figure out what the appropriate next steps are.”

Adam Schiff made it clear that the House Intelligence Committee is going to put pressure on Flynn, whose request for immunity suggests that he wants to talk. Eventually, either a deal will be made or he will be found in contempt of Congress, but Mike Flynn is going to tell investigators what he knows, and when Flynn finally talks, or investigators get the information they need through other methods, it is going to be very bad news for Donald Trump.