Bernie Sanders Exposes The Dark Secret That Trump’s Budget Is Desperately Trying To Hide

During an interview with NBC News’s Andrea Mitchell, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) called Trump’s budget an abomination and exposed the fraudulent belief and hocus pocus of trickle down economics behind the math.

Sanders said of Trump’s budget:

Look, this whole budget like much of Trump’s proclamations on many issues is pretty fraudulent. What they’re doing is hocus-pocus accounting. Among many other things, what they’re saying is if we give hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks to the very wealthiest people in this country, somehow it’s going to automatically translate to economic growth and increase tax revenue for the federal government. Unfortunately, that is a theory that has never worked.

What this is all about, and it’s the same thing as Trump’s health care proposal. His health care proposal, as you know threw 24 million people off of health insurance but provided $300 billion in tax breaks for the top two percent. His budget makes massive cuts in programs that working families need at the same time he gives unbelievable cuts to the people at the top. That is what all of this is about is to make the very wealthiest people richer at the expense of working families.

Trump and the Republican Party never talk about the budget in the terms that Sen. Sanders laid out. Republicans give a false impression that the budget is going to mean tax cuts for everyone, and the people who are getting programs that they need cut don’t deserve them anyway.

What Trump’s budget doesn’t make clear is that it is an economic policy that is designed to hurt working class people and enrich the wealthiest Americans. The White House keeps trying to hide this fact by framing their budget as compassion towards the taxpayers, but it isn’t an act of compassion towards all taxpayers. This act of White House “kindness” benefits the wealthiest Americans.

Sen. Sanders was correct. Trump is trying to make people like himself richer at the expense of everyone else.

What the President released wasn’t a budget. It was a blueprint for theft by the top two percent.