Liberals Pounce And Run Ads Through Election Day Against Gianforte For Assaulting Reporter

Activist group has announced a five-figure ad buy that will run through Election Day reminding voters that Republican Montana House special election candidate Greg Gianforte is unfit to serve after he assaulted a reporter.

Here is the ad:

The ad will target Montana voters and make sure that they know about the Republican candidate’s assault of reporter Ben Jacobs of The Guardian. This was literally the last thing that Republicans needed. They are hanging on to their lead in the special election by a thread. All Republicans needed was for their already unpopular candidate to get through the last day of the campaign without doing anything to blow the election. For example, assaulting a reporter would be something that Republicans would have wanted their candidate to avoid.

Gianforte has so little self-control that he couldn’t keep it together. A race that Republicans thought was going to be another damagingly close victory could be a major defeat because Greg Gianforte is unfit to serve.