Bernie Sanders Takes Over Hearing And Obliterates Trump Budget Director On CBO Hypocrisy

This is why Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer made Sen. Bernie Sanders the ranking member of the Budget Committee. Sanders took over the hearing with his first question and destroyed Trump Budget Director Mick Mulvaney for criticized the CBO Director that a member of the administration hand picked.



Sanders mentioned in his first question that Mulvaney had made a remark about CBO Director.


Mulvaney answered, “I’ll see if I can handle each of those in reverse. Actually, let me deal with the CBO first. I can’t disparage who I don’t know. I don’t think I’ve ever disparaged the director of the CBO.”

Sanders, “You made a dismissive remark about him. Even the CBO, you guys appointed the director.”


Mulvaney, “Again, all I’m telling you is that the results are awful.”

Sanders, “But you appointed him, so let’s go with that.”

Mulvaney, “I measure performance by results, Mr. Sanders.”

Sanders, “Your opinion is that the results are terrible. I’m suggesting that it was a member of the Trump administration that appointed this gentleman, not some kind of radical Democrat.”

Mulvaney, “So, we can agree then that the CBO puts out bad data?”

Sanders, “No, we can’t. We can agree that you guys are beating up on a man that you appointed because you don’t like his results.”

Sen. Sanders was correct. The current CBO Director was handpicked by current Trump HHS Secretary Tom Price in 2015.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is the point person on the budgetary issues because he is the ranking Democratic member on the Senate Budget Committee. Exchanges like this are exactly he was given this important position.

Democrats wanted a member of their caucus who would push back and fight against Trump’s budget. Bernie Sanders is supposed to strongly, loudly, and forcefully call out the hypocrisy and lies behind the Trump budget.

Bernie Sanders did his job, and Mick Mulvaney got shredded by the Senator from Vermont.