Greg Gianforte Would Rather Assault A Reporter Than Try To Defend Trumpcare

Republican Montana House special election candidate was driven to assault Ben Jacobs because the reporter asked him a question about the CBO score for Trumpcare. The American Health Care Act is already such a burden to Republicans that it is driving them to acts of physical violence.

Here is a transcript of the assault taken from audio recorded at the scene:

Audio of the assault:

Gianforte was later charged with a misdemeanor, which is a development that is a perfect example of how law enforcement and the justice system doesn’t treat everyone equally, but what triggered the incident was a question about Trumpcare.

Democratic candidate Rob Quist has been relentlessly hammering Gianforte on the health care issue. The polls tightened in the race because of The American Health Care Act (Trumpcare). The health care issue is causing Republicans to snap.

Trumpcare is so indefensible for Republicans that Greg Gianforte would rather commit a crime than try to explain why the health care bill isn’t a disaster for Montanans. Republicans are already worried that 2018 will be worse than they ever thought it could be, and The American Health Care Act (Trumpcare) is one of the biggest reasons why.