Republican Health Care Plan Would Slash Coverage For 30 Million Low-Income Children


The latest assessment of the GOP health care plan by the Congressional Budget Office found that 23 million Americans would be without health insurance over the next decade, but a post on The Hill noted on Thursday that the CBO score leaves out the impact the legislation would have on low-income children.

According to The Hill, citing a study from the Children’s Hospital Association, 30 million low-income American children could be devastated by the legislation.

More from The Hill:

The association’s report concludes that children’s Medicaid would be slashed between $43 billion and $78 billion over the next decade, depending on the exact way the American Health Care Act is implemented. That would be devastating to the 30 million children covered by the program.        

Despite the fact that they make up nearly half of all Medicaid enrollees, children account for a relatively small percentage of Medicaid spending. So any reduction to children’s Medicaid funding has a disproportionately greater impact.


While the report notes that children do not spend as much money on health care as adults because they generally stay healthier, it also underscores the disturbing consequences the Medicaid cuts would have on kids.

According to the post in The Hill, “The program allows for screenings and preventative care to keep children from getting sick in the first place. When children do become sick – or have chronic conditions, such as congenital heart disease, requiring many resources – Medicaid provides coverage then as well.”

That’s right – not only would more than 20 million Americans lose their coverage, but millions of children would be at risk of losing insurance that covers serious health conditions, all so Republicans can high-five each other for repealing the Affordable Care Act.

The top-line numbers in the CBO score are bad enough, but they are more than just numbers and this report underscores the real-life impact the legislation could have on poor children.

Not only is the AHCA politically suicidal, but it could be deadly for millions of Americans.