Republicans Warn Of Total Panic If Democrat Rob Quist Wins Montana Special Election

After a closer than expected special election for a House seat in Kansas, and the Democrat in a tight special election race in Georgia, Republicans are warning that their party will begin to panic if Democrat Rob Quist wins the special election in Montana.

Politico reported, “Republicans have been on high alert since Democrats came far closer than expected to picking off the suburban Wichita, Kansas, seat vacated by now-CIA Director Mike Pompeo in April. Now, with Gianforte’s long-expected win in question and a June vote in a suburban Atlanta congressional district looking tight as well, national GOP leaders could face a panic in the ranks if Quist wins.”

Republicans don’t think Quist will win, but if he does, it will be meltdown time in the GOP.

The panic would be justified. There are increasing signs that the political momentum in the country is on the left. Trump’s bad approval ratings show no hint of improving, and Republicans in Congress are going down with the president. The Republicans also have no major legislative accomplishments, except for passing a bill that would make health insurance more expensive while taking away health care from 23 million Americans.

The rest of the country realized long ago that Trump’s election triggered a backlash. Republicans aren’t going to believe it until they lose a race in a red district. If Democrats win tonight, reality is going to hit the right, and they are going to realize that they could be facing a bloodbath in 2018.