Conservatives Are Praising, Justifying, and Egging On Gianforte’s Assault of a Reporter

Conservatives are putting their “law and order” bumper stickers in grave jeopardy by praising the violence of Greg Gianforte, who won a seat in the U.S. Congress after assaulting a reporter. They have made “body-slam” into their new “reload,” and elevated this alleged violent assault into a Clint Eastwood type of vigilante justice well deserved.

Perhaps no one explained to them that vigilante justice is the opposite of law and order.

Fox contributor Rachel Compos-Duffy said Ben Jacobs “was not doing a fair story” and “got a little bit of Montana justice.” You know, because asking Gianforte about the horrific CBO score on Trumpcare V 2 is apparently not a fair story for a candidate for Congress, where they make health care laws.

She made sure to label the reporter as “the left” and cited her own story of a “town hall person” running her father off of the road to indict all of the left and all of the press, even though it has not been established that Ben Jacobs is a liberal, and it is also irrelevant if he is.

Another Fox contributor called the reporter who got beaten a “snowflake” and claimed he had invaded Ginaforte’s “safe space,” adding he wasn’t condoning the body slam, but he thought it was funny.

Because we always laugh when people are taken to the hospital for injuries sustained as a result of said ha-ha body slam.

This was a desperate game of smear, jeer and distort to avoid culpability.

Watch here:

So Fox’s message is that violence is condoned if the person is “the left” or a reporter. This matches Gianforte’s DARVO (Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender) statement after he choked and punched a reporter and sent him to the hospital.

Grover Norquist, who managed to delude himself about Donald Trump being a fiscal conservative in spite of the evidence facing him with all of the determined loyalty of teenager in love for the first time, is the founder and president of Americans for Tax Reform. He opposes all tax increases and is responsible for Republicans driving the country over the fiscal cliff under President Obama. He owns House Republicans.

Norquist advocated Trump as a fiscal conservative during the campaign, even after the Tax Policy Center found Trump’s tax plan would add nearly $10 trillion to the national debt.

It might not actually be the non-existent fiscal conservatism. I’m just guessing, especially since Norquist knew this during the campaign and things have only gotten worse with Trump’s budget that double dipped on $2 trillion, and that double dip was based on money that probably doesn’t exist in the first place. That’s how Republicans “balance” a budget these days.

No, it might not be the “fiscal” issue at all. Friday morning, Norquist was deep in the cheery glow of using “body slam” as the new winning. So much winning.

Har har, get it? Gianforte body-slammed a reporter and was charged with misdemeanor assault after the reporter ended up at the hospital and this brings Norquist such glee. Body-slam is the new Republican “reload.” It just has that special touch of class that says our guy beat the crap out of you and we won!

Dinesh DSouza, the author of “Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party”, who is currently on probation for using straw donors to make an illegal campaign contribution, expressed his enthusiasm for violence against people with whom he politically disagrees:

Republicans are vilifying reporters and claiming violence is justified against anyone who is a liberal/aka in the media. A House Republican justified the violent attack.

This is why we are getting a constant stream of reports from press of being harassed by Republicans:

The law and order party is justifying assault against the free press. This is how they see to “Make America Great Again.”