Jared Kushner’s Lawyer Issues Statement That Doesn’t Deny Potential Acts Of Treason

Jared Kushner’s lawyer issued a statement that didn’t deny that the President’s son in law and senior adviser may have committed treason by engaging in unreported contacts with Russia.

Kushner’s lawyer, Jamie Gorelick, released a statement in response to a Reuters about more unreported contacts between her client and Russia:
kushner lawyer

There are two important points missing from the statement. Kushner’s lawyer doesn’t deny that more unreported contacts took place, and nowhere does it deny that Kushner would ever do anything to harm his country.

When Kushner didn’t report the contacts on his application for security clearance, he committed a felony. Kushner’s excuse appears to be that he has so many phone calls where he is potentially betraying his country that he can’t keep track of them all.

Evan McMullin pointed out that Kushner’s actions in trying to set up a back channel for communications with Russia could constitute a treasonous act:

If the best excuse that Kushner can come up with is that he’s not sure which criminal or potentially treasonous act Reuters was reporting on, the Trump White House is going down faster than anyone could have imagined.