Jaws Drop As White House Refuses To Defend Jared Kushner’s Potential Crimes Against America

White House officials Gary Cohn and H.R. McMaster refused to comment on reports that Jared Kushner had unreported meetings with the Russians and tried to establish a back channel to Putin that couldn’t be detected by US intelligence.

Audio of McMaster and Cohn:

The relevant exchange:

What is important about the White House’s answer is that they don’t defend Kushner or deny that the reports are false. The Trump administration has apparently adopted the strategy of not talking about Russia. They might be trying to deprive the story of oxygen by not commenting on it.

The new Russia strategy is why the administration is trying so hard to keep Trump off of Twitter and away from questions. They clearly don’t want the president talking about Russia.

It is a pretty stunning development that the White House isn’t mounting a defense of Trump’s son in law. Their no comment also speaks volumes about serious the scandal has gotten. With congressional and criminal investigations ongoing, the Trump administration has clammed up. The tone has changed from combative to we’re not going to talk about that.

The White House might be distancing themselves from Kushner which would be an amazing development if Trump throws his son in law under the bus to save his own skin.