Reeling From Russia Scandal, White House Cancels Trump Iowa Rally

The White House appears to have gone into full bunker mentality mode over the Russia scandal by canceling a scheduled Trump rally in Iowa next week.

Here is the statement canceling the rally:

Trump loves his rallies. He loves to be in front of an adoring crowd, but he also goes off script at these events, and that is what this White House is trying to avoid.

The White House is trying to set up a team of lawyers to vet Trump’s tweets before he publishes them. They are also managing his schedule so that he has no time to tweet, and they manage his TV time because cable news gets him riled up and makes him want to tweet.

The latest revelations about Jared Kushner’s communications with Russia have put this White House in the legal danger zone. The last thing they need is Trump getting on Twitter or going off at a rally about Russia.

Trump has been grounded and sent to his room by the White House. The administration is going to try to keep Trump’s mouth shut because he can only make the Russia scandal worse.