Trump Leaves World Leaders In Disbelief By Refusing To Commit To Paris Climate Accord

Embarrassing the United States and leaving world leaders in disbelief, Donald Trump continues to refuse to commit to the international Paris climate accord.

That means the U.S. is the only remaining country in the G7 refusing to commit to a 195-nation agreement forged by President Barack Obama in 2015 in order to rally the world in fighting global climate change.

Trump, who has called climate change a hoax and has already taken actions to roll back environmental protections during his short time in office, tweeted this morning that he’s still not sure about the Paris deal.


As The Hill notes, “German Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters about an ‘intense’ exchange where all six other nations ‘made it clear that we want the U.S. to stick to its commitments.'”

The same report indicates that Trump may be “evolving” on the issue, with the president’s National Economic Counselor Gary Cohn saying, “[Trump] came here to learn, he came here to get smarter and he came here to hear people’s views.”

Apparently, as the new president stumbles all over the world stage, he isn’t learning or getting smarter fast enough with his refusal to commit to an agreement that simply seeks to stop or at least curb the devastating impacts of climate change.

Deciding whether to protect the environment or uphold some empty campaign rhetoric is a no-brainer for everybody but Donald Trump.