Chuck Todd And Former DNI James Clapper Did Massive Damage To Trump On Russia

Chuck Todd interviewed former DNI James Clapper on Meet The Press, and the picture that was painted did major damage to the Trump White House’s version of the Russia scandal.


Chuck Todd began the segment with a timeline of the Trump transitions contacts with Russia.

Todd asked Clapper about Kushner’s conversations with the Russians, “”I have to say that, without specifically affirming or confirming these conversations, since, even though they’re in the public realm, they’re still classified, just from a theoretical standpoint, I will tell you that my dashboard warning light was clearly on, and I think that was the case with all of us in the intelligence community, very concerned about the nature of these approaches to the Russians.”

Clapper also stated what it was so dangerous for Kushner to be talking to Kislyak, “Given the fact that he oversees the very aggressive intelligence operation in this country, the Russians have more intelligence operatives than any other nation that is represented in this country, still even after we got rid of 35 of them – and so to suggest that he is somehow separate or oblivious to that is a bit much.”

The former DNI also reminded Republicans who are supporting Trump that Russia is not a friend to the United States, but the nation’s greatest adversary.

Meet The Press host Chuck Todd asked all the right questions, and Clapper connected all the dots to explain why the contacts with Russia are so troubling. Clapper did say that while he didn’t see any smoking gun evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia, there was enough there to necessitate an FBI investigation.

The Clapper interview was the type of story that is incredibly damaging for the White House because it blows holes through all of the tales that they are trying to spin to justify their actions. What Trump, Kushner, and the campaign did was not part of the normal course of political business.

As the White House tries to normalize the Russia scandal, it is vital that journalists and experts continue to point out the facts and emphasize reality.

If members of the intelligence community are willing to leak information, things must be perilous. The dots are connecting, and the picture that is being painted is of a corrupt president and administration who may have committed crimes against the United States of America.

Interviews like that of James Clapper on Meet The Press help contribute to the public understanding of what the Trump administration has potentially done.