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Fox News Exposed By Former Contributor As A Scripted And Rigged Scam

Former Fox News contributor Tobin Smith is exposing Fox News as a scam that is designed to manipulate and fool viewers through panel discussions that are rigged and scripted so that conservatives always win.

Smith wrote in a post on Medium:

The outcomes for Fox’s “panel debates” have ALWAYS been carefully fixed by the producers so that the home team (i.e, the conservative panelists like me) ALWAYS won.MORE simply: The staged gladiatorial-like rhetorical fight to the death the Fox viewer loves to watch are ALWAYS fixed by the show producers for the conservative actor to win…always.

Just like pro-wrestling, the panel opinion programs are carefully staged and choreographed by Fox producers so the viewers home team (in WWE language the “Baby Face”) always wins over the “Heel” aka the poor pathetic “libtard.”


The Fox News opinion panel scam works like this. More often than not, in my panel segments I was the protagonist or “designated hit man” aka the one called on by the host (as instructed by the producers in my ear or the ear of the host) to “kill ‘em.” You’d know I was the designated hit man when the panel show hosts tossed the final death blow 15–20 seconds to me when they say “Toby you have the final word.”

But before I delivered the final rhetorical death blow …the producer of the segment had given me my script 24 hours BEFORE the show started. I knew 24–48 hours in ADVANCE of how the designated liberal was going to argue his/her point…and more important how I was going to win.

For decades there have been concerns that Fox News was nothing more than a scam to manipulate elderly conservatives, so it isn’t shocking that after the death of Roger Ailes, we are beginning to hear the truth come out.

What is interesting is that Fox News isn’t only about manipulation. It is heavily scripted manipulation. Fox News didn’t hire “weak liberals.” They sabotaged their liberal panelists by scripting the arguments against them so that the conservative always wins. If a Fox News contributor went off script, they would not be back on Fox.

Fox News planted the idea of “winning” that devoted Fox News viewer Donald Trump made the centerpiece of his presidential campaign in the minds of older conservatives.

Fox isn’t a news network It is an entertainment network for conservatives that is centered around a scam designed to manipulate their viewers.

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