Bernie Sanders Just Got Trump Booed At A Commencement Address

While giving the commencement address at Brooklyn College, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) got Trump and the Republican Party booed for their plans to cut assistance programs and throw 23 million people off health care while slashing taxes for the wealthiest Americans.


All Sanders had to say was that the Republican agenda of cutting programs for the needy and health care while cutting taxes for the very wealthy was an example Citizens United funded oligarchy in action, and the crowd booed.

Trump and the Republicans can blame the media’s coverage of the Russia for their problems if they want, but it is the unpopular agenda of Trump and the Republican Party that is harming them most with the American people. The approval ratings of Republicans including Trump and Ryan didn’t nosedive to their current levels until after the American Health Care Act passed the House.

The Russia scandal has a long way to go until the all of the facts are known, but voters already know and understand what Republicans are trying to do to their health care, education assistance, and a wide variety of programs that are used by everyday Americans.

A Bernie Sanders commencement speech turned into a resistance address, as not even a graduation ceremony is friendly ground for Trump and the Republican agenda.

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