The Russia Scandal Gets Even Worse For Trump As Investigators Demand Docs From His Lawyer

The Russia scandal is getting very personal for Trump as Congressional investigators are demanding that his lawyer Michael Cohen turn over documents related to the Russia investigation.

NBC News got confirmation from Cohen that he is a part of the Russia investigation, “President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, confirmed to NBC News that he has received requests for information from the Senate and House intelligence committees as part of their probes into Russian interference in the U.S. election. A congressional aide said the request letters, first reported by ABC News, were the same ones sent to former Trump aides Carter Page, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Mike Flynn and others. Those letters sought information about Russian contacts, and asked the recipients to turn over any communications with the Trump campaign about Russia.”

The significance is that Cohen is a personal lawyer for both Trump and his businesses, which would suggest that the investigators are interested in potential financial dealings and connections between Trump, or the Trump Organization, and Russia. The money is being followed. Cohen didn’t have a formal high-level role in the campaign, so he probably is not a party of the collusion element of the probe, but as Trump’s lawyer, he would have information about business dealings.

There is a reason why Trump has refused to release his tax returns or detailed financial documents related to his businesses. The Russia investigation is complex, and it involves several different players along different tracks.

Besides communications, the other area of information that Trump and his associated have worked hard to obstruct is financial.

Having Congress ask your personal lawyer for documents is not a good development for Donald Trump. The President may wish that was back overseas because, on his first day back after a holiday weekend, he is drowning in the Russia scandal.

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