Trump Tantrums Over His Failing Presidency And Demands Republicans Kill The Filibuster

Since his unpopular health care and tax cut ideas are unlikely to pass the Senate, a tantruming President Trump is demanding that Senate Republicans kill the legislative filibuster.

Trump tweeted:

Trump tried to justify his fit by saying that Democrats would kill the filibuster too, but this is a statement that is easily proven false.

Liberals tried for years to get Harry Reid to kill the legislative filibuster, but he wouldn’t budge. It took an unprecedented level of Republican obstruction to get Reid to invoke a limited nuclear option on judicial nominees. Trump wants the legislative filibuster changed because a change is the only way that any of his legislation stands any chance of passage.

Donald Trump can’t govern, so he wants the rules to be changed so that he can, “win.” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has demonstrated very little desire to kill the legislative filibuster. McConnell knows that what goes around comes around, and it could be just a few short years before Republicans are facing a Democratic majority Senate and White House again.

President Trump is losing, and he wants Republicans to rig the game so that he can win.

That’s not how government works, so Senate Republicans need to do the right thing, and continue to ignore Donald Trump.

Jason Easley
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