GOP Senator Faces Hundreds Of Trumpcare Hostile Constituents At Town Hall In Louisiana

Hundreds of enraged constituents showed up Sen. Bill Cassidy’s (R-LA) Louisiana town hall to make their opposition to Trumpcare known in this red state.

Here was the scene before Sen. Cassidy’s town hall began:

Inside the room:

The meeting itself was about Cassidy facing a hostile crowd not on the Russia scandal, but on health care.

Politico reported, “Those in the room — who wrote questions on notecards beforehand — demanded that Cassidy commit to voting for a plan that covers the uninsured, preserves birth control coverage and provides health care coverage — not just access.”

Sen. Cassidy deserves credit for being one of only two Republican Senators who was brave enough to hold a town hall during this holiday recess. The rest of the Republican Senate majority has been dodging their constituents.

The problem for Republicans is that the Senator didn’t run into a hostile audience in a blue state or a big city. Cassidy was faced with critics in deep red Louisiana. If Republicans can’t sell The American Health Care Act in red states, they are going to have no chance of convincing America not to toss them out on their collective ear if they turn any version of Trumpcare into law.

Republicans spent years obsessing over getting rid of Obamacare, and now their obsession is killing the Republican Party.

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