House Judiciary Democrat Says Jeff Sessions May Have Committed Big Time Perjury

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) is warning that if Attorney General Jeff Sessions did have more meetings with the Russian ambassador that he didn’t disclose, then Sessions committed big time perjury.

Lieu tweeted:

CNN reported, “Congressional investigators are examining whether Attorney General Jeff Sessions had an additional private meeting with Russia’s ambassador during the presidential campaign, according to Republican and Democratic Hill sources and intelligence officials briefed on the investigation.”

If the CNN report is correct, then Sessions failed to disclose at least three meetings with the Russian ambassador during his confirmation hearings. Jeff Sessions is currently under federal investigation for his role in the Russia scandal, but the Attorney General who never should have been confirmed could also be facing perjury charges if he perjured himself during his confirmation hearing.

At some point, anyone with an ounce of common sense realizes that Sessions didn’t accidentally forget to disclose the meetings with Russia’s ambassador. He lied, and Senate Republicans happily turned a blind eye to Sessions’ Russia lies and confirmed him to be the Attorney General.

The role that Congressional Republicans have played in empowering figures in this scandal and aiding the cover-up means that they will be accountable when the facts come to light.

If Jeff Sessions goes down, he’ll take every Senate Republican who voted to confirm him with him.