Subpoenas To Be Issued For Flynn And Michael Cohen As Trump Drowns In Russia Scandal Drip

The House Intelligence Committee will issue subpoenas for Mike Flynn, and Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen as the daily drip of Russia scandal news drowns Trump.

Reuters tweeted:

As the investigations churn forward, it is a steady drip of information that consumes everything surrounding the Trump administration. The onslaught of news is driving the President crazy as he is obsessed with the Russia scandal.

Trump and his Republican pals can rant about Kathy Griffin to change the subject. Press Secretary Sean Spicer can claim that covfefe is a secret code word that is only understood by Trump and a few others. This White House can distract by calling on Senate Republicans to destroy the legislative filibuster. They can send Trump overseas, but at the end of the day, the story always comes back to Russia.

The steady drip, drip, drip of new information and details about the investigations is sidetracking Washington and the Republican agenda as the Trump presidency is becoming all about Russia.