Trump Just Proved With A Single Tweet That Fox News Is Running The White House

Despite being told by his own lawyers not to tweet about the Russia scandal, Donald Trump fired off an enraged tweet about Carter Page after watching a segment on Fox and Friends, which proves that America has a president who is being guided by a news network that fakes and scripts its segments.

Trump tweeted on Wednesday morning:

Trump got his information from a brief segment on Fox and Friends.

The President Of The United States is speaking to the world based on information he receives, not from his daily briefings, but from a network that according to a former employee scripts and rigs their panel discussions so that conservatives always win. The White House is so worried about Trump’s tweets being used as evidence against him that they want a team of lawyers to vet his tweets before he sends them, but he is spouting off about the Russia scandal while watching Fox and Friends.

Trump has shown before that his tweets are influenced by Fox News, but this is worse than influence. Trump is talking about a scandal where he is under investigation based on what he saw on Fox News. The conservative network isn’t just influencing Trump. They are the basis for his statements about a scandal that could destroy his presidency.

The real power behind this White House isn’t Steve Bannon or Jared Kushner. It’s Fox News.